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22343342Rapid optical control of nociception with an ion-channel photoswitch.Nat Methods, 2012 Apr;9(4);396-402, Mourot A, Fehrentz T, ..., Trauner D, Kramer RH 2 2012/12/12
23139335Optical control of protein activity by fluorescent protein domains.Science, 2012 Nov 9;338(6108);810-4, Zhou XX, Chung HK, Lam AJ, Lin MZ 5 2012/12/03
20159168Expanding two-photon intravital microscopy to the infrared by means of optical parametric oscillator.Biophys J, 2010 Feb 17;98(4);715-23, Herz J, Siffrin V, ..., Zipp F, Niesner RA 1 2012/12/01
21271704Light-activated kinases enable temporal dissection of signaling networks in living cells.J Am Chem Soc, 2011 Feb 23;133(7);2124-7, Gautier A, Deiters A, Chin JW 0 2012/11/14
22053163IMAGING: Focusing light in scattering media.Nat Photonics, 2011 Mar;5(3);135-136, Konecky SD, Tromberg BJ 2 2012/11/08
22683126Dynamic in situ cytometry uncovers T cell receptor signaling during immunological synapses and kinapses in vivo.Immunity, 2012 Aug 24;37(2);351-63, Moreau HD, Lemaitre F, ..., Lennon-Dumenil AM, Bousso P 1 2012/11/08
21074050Germinal center dynamics revealed by multiphoton microscopy with a photoactivatable fluorescent reporter.Cell, 2010 Nov 12;143(4);592-605, Victora GD, Schwickert TA, ..., Dustin ML, Nussenzweig MC 0 2012/10/15
22772730Multicolor two-photon tissue imaging by wavelength mixing.Nat Methods, 2012;9(8);815-8, Mahou P, Zimmerley M, ..., Debarre D, Beaurepaire E 1 2012/10/15
23027971Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012 Oct 1; [Epub ahead of print]Fang FC, Steen RG, Casadevall A 0 2012/10/09
22961245Improving FRET dynamic range with bright green and red fluorescent proteins.Nat Methods, 2012 Sep 9; [Epub ahead of print]Lam AJ, St-Pierre F, ..., Tsien RY, Lin MZ 9 2012/09/18
22619280Noise-free visualization of microscopic calcium signaling by pixel-wise fitting.Circ Res, 2012 Jun 22;111(1);17-27, Tian Q, Kaestner L, Lipp P 2 2012/09/14
22863004The first five seconds in the life of a clathrin-coated pit.Cell, 2012 Aug 3;150(3);495-507, Cocucci E, Aguet F, Boulant S, Kirchhausen T 1 2012/08/30
22872089Multilayer mounting enables long-term imaging of zebrafish development in a light sheet microscope.Development, 2012 Sep;139(17);3242-7, Kaufmann A, Mickoleit M, Weber M, Huisken J 8 2012/08/24
22403384Fluorescence imaging of cellular metabolites with RNA.Science, 2012 Mar 9;335(6073);1194, Paige JS, Nguyen-Duc T, Song W, Jaffrey SR 1 2012/08/24
22634730pHTomato, a red, genetically encoded indicator that enables multiplex interrogation of synaptic activity.Nat Neurosci, 2012;15(7);1047-53, Li Y, Tsien RW 3 2012/08/23
22763440Biophysical mechanism of T-cell receptor triggering in a reconstituted system.Nature, 2012 Jul 5;487(7405);64-9, James JR, Vale RD 1 2012/08/17
22854777Defining the mode of tumour growth by clonal analysis.Nature, 2012 Aug 1; [Epub ahead of print]Driessens G, Beck B, ..., Simons BD, Blanpain C 1 2012/08/10
22241909Proof-of-concept study of monitoring cancer drug therapy with cerenkov luminescence imaging.J Nucl Med, 2012 Feb;53(2);312-7, Xu Y, Chang E, ..., Gambhir SS, Cheng Z 1 2012/08/09
21324933Quantification of factors influencing fluorescent protein expression using RMCE to generate an allelic series in the ROSA26 locus in mice.Dis Model Mech, 2011 Jul;4(4);537-47, Chen SX, Osipovich AB, ..., Piston DW, Magnuson MA 6 2012/07/14
22734946Organelle-Specific Detection of Phosphatase Activities with Two-Photon Fluorogenic Probes in Cells and Tissues.J Am Chem Soc, 2012 Jun 26; [Epub ahead of print]Li L, Ge J, ..., Xu QH, Yao SQ 2 2012/07/12
22723688Medial Prefrontal Cortex Neuronal Activation and Synaptic Alterations after Stress-Induced Reinstatement of Palatable Food Seeking: A Study Using c-fos-GFP Transgenic Female Rats.J Neurosci, 2012 Jun 20;32(25);8480-90, Cifani C, Koya E, ..., Shaham Y, Hope BT 0 2012/07/09
22422267Goblet cells deliver luminal antigen to CD103+ dendritic cells in the small intestine.Nature, 2012 Mar 15;483(7389);345-9, McDole JR, Wheeler LW, ..., Newberry RD, Miller MJ 3 2012/07/07
22327568Body-barrier surveillance by epidermal γδ TCRs.Nat Immunol, 2012 Mar;13(3);272-82, Chodaczek G, Papanna V, Zal MA, Zal T 2 2012/07/07
22622571Brain-wide neuronal dynamics during motor adaptation in zebrafish.Nature, 2012 May 24;485(7399);471-7, Ahrens MB, Li JM, ..., Engert F, Portugues R 1 2012/06/19
22426226Intracellular temperature mapping with a fluorescent polymeric thermometer and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.Nat Commun, 2012;705, Okabe K, Inada N, ..., Funatsu T, Uchiyama S 5 2012/06/13
22246323Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry reveals slow protein turnover in hair-cell stereocilia.Nature, 2012 Jan 26;481(7382);520-4, Zhang DS, Piazza V, ..., Corey DP, Lechene CP 0 2012/06/06
22641383Programmed cell death 1 forms negative costimulatory microclusters that directly inhibit T cell receptor signaling by recruiting phosphatase SHP2.J Exp Med, 2012 May 28; [Epub ahead of print]Yokosuka T, Takamatsu M, ..., Azuma M, Saito T 2 2012/06/05
21854984Cytoskeletal control of CD36 diffusion promotes its receptor and signaling function.Cell, 2011 Aug 19;146(4);593-606, Jaqaman K, Kuwata H, ..., Danuser G, Grinstein S 0 2012/05/28
22547408Nonpolarized signaling reveals two distinct modes of 3D cell migration.J Cell Biol, 2012 Apr 30;197(3);439-55, Petrie RJ, Gavara N, Chadwick RS, Yamada KM 0 2012/05/26
22543348A simple, versatile method for GFP-based super-resolution microscopy via nanobodies.Nat Methods, 2012 Apr 29; [Epub ahead of print]Ries J, Kaplan C, ..., Eghlidi H, Ewers H 1 2012/05/14
20187057Photocontrol of protein activity in cultured cells and zebrafish with one- and two-photon illumination.Chembiochem, 2010 Mar 22;11(5);653-63, Sinha DK, Neveu P, ..., Vriz S, Jullien L 2 2012/05/13
15216885Multiple-color fluorescence imaging of chromosomes and microtubules in living cells.Cell Struct Funct, 1999 Oct;24(5);291-8, Haraguchi T, Ding DQ, ..., Koujin T, Hiraoka Y 1 2012/04/26
22198435Structural differences in the osteocyte network between the calvaria and long bone revealed by three-dimensional fluorescence morphometry, possibly reflecting distinct mechano-adaptations and sensitivities.Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2012 Jan 13;417(2);765-70, Himeno-Ando A, Izumi Y, Yamaguchi A, Iimura T 14 2012/04/26
17128267Fast manipulation of cellular cAMP level by light in vivo.Nat Methods, 2007 Jan;4(1);39-42, Schroder-Lang S, Schwarzel M, ..., Hegemann P, Nagel G 5 2012/04/25
22388287TULIPs: tunable, light-controlled interacting protein tags for cell biology.Nat Methods, 2012;9(4);379-84, Strickland D, Lin Y, ..., Weiss EL, Glotzer M 3 2012/04/15
22357757Protein disulfide isomerase homolog PDILT is required for quality control of sperm membrane protein ADAM3 and male infertility.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012 Mar 6;109(10);3850-5, Tokuhiro K, Ikawa M, Benham AM, Okabe M 1 2012/04/06
22157958Fluorescent fusion protein knockout mediated by anti-GFP nanobody.Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2012 Jan;19(1);117-21, Caussinus E, Kanca O, Affolter M 0 2012/03/12
22327833Spatiotemporal control of gene expression by a light-switchable transgene system.Nat Methods, 2012;9(3);266-9, Wang X, Chen X, Yang Y 0 2012/03/12
21700876A synthetic optogenetic transcription device enhances blood-glucose homeostasis in mice.Science, 2011 Jun 24;332(6037);1565-8, Ye H, Daoud-El Baba M, Peng RW, Fussenegger M 0 2012/03/12
22289463Investigating second messenger signaling in vivo.Methods Enzymol, 2012;363-82, Rudolf R, Hafner M, Mongillo M 3 2012/02/15
22277578Live Imaging of Protein Kinase Activities in Transgenic Mice Expressing FRET Biosensors.Cell Struct Funct, 2012 Jan 24; [Epub ahead of print]Kamioka Y, Sumiyama K, ..., Kiyokawa E, Matsuda M 4 2012/02/06
22231641Fast two-photon in vivo imaging with three-dimensional random-access scanning in large tissue volumes.Nat Methods, 2012 Jan 8; [Epub ahead of print]Katona G, Szalay G, ..., Roska B, Rozsa B 2 2012/01/29
22080726Forster resonance energy transfer-based biosensors for multiparameter ratiometric imaging of ca(2+) dynamics and caspase-3 activity in single cells.Anal Chem, 2011 Dec 15;83(24);9687-93, Ding Y, Ai HW, Hoi H, Campbell RE 0 2012/01/14
22041111Conjugation of both on-axis and off-axis light in Nipkow disk confocal microscope to increase availability of incoherent light source.Cell Struct Funct, 2011 Oct 29; [Epub ahead of print]Saito K, Arai Y, ..., Tani T, Nagai T 7 2011/12/22
22162136Live imaging of apoptosis in a novel transgenic mouse highlights its role in neural tube closure.J Cell Biol, 2011 Dec 12;195(6);1047-60, Yamaguchi Y, Shinotsuka N, ..., Yosida H, Miura M 0 2011/12/17
21976697Development of an optimized backbone of FRET biosensors for kinases and GTPases.Mol Biol Cell, 2011 Oct 5; [Epub ahead of print]Komatsu N, Aoki K, ..., Kamioka Y, Matsuda M 8 2011/12/01
21878933Scale: a chemical approach for fluorescence imaging and reconstruction of transparent mouse brain.Nat Neurosci, 2011 Aug 30; [Epub ahead of print]Hama H, Kurokawa H, ..., Sakaue-Sawano A, Miyawaki A 9 2011/12/01
21909116Diffraction-unlimited all-optical imaging and writing with a photochromic GFP.Nature, 2011 Oct 13;478(7368);204-8, Grotjohann T, Testa I, ..., Jakobs S, Hell SW 4 2011/11/29
21934958Lateral resolution enhancement of laser scanning microscopy by a higher-order radially polarized mode beam.Opt Express, 2011 Aug 15;19(17);15947-54, Kozawa Y, Hibi T, ..., Nemoto T, Sato S 4 2011/11/26
21909082A reversibly photoswitchable GFP-like protein with fluorescence excitation decoupled from switching.Nat Biotechnol, 2011 Sep 11; [Epub ahead of print]Brakemann T, Stiel AC, ..., Hell SW, Jakobs S 1 2011/11/08
20689502Murine bioluminescent hepatic tumour model.J Vis Exp, 2010;  3 2011/10/01
21798953RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein.Science, 2011 Jul 29;333(6042);642-6, Paige JS, Wu KY, Jaffrey SR 3 2011/08/27
21822256Quantitative fluorescence imaging of protein diffusion and interaction in living cells.Nat Biotechnol, 2011 Aug 7; [Epub ahead of print]Capoulade J, Wachsmuth M, Hufnagel L, Knop M 0 2011/08/20
21527931Two-photon absorption properties of fluorescent proteins.Nat Methods, 2011 May;8(5);393-9, Drobizhev M, Makarov NS, ..., Hughes TE, Rebane A 5 2011/08/06
21765402Bright and stable near-infrared fluorescent protein for in vivo imaging.Nat Biotechnol, 2011 Jul 17; [Epub ahead of print]Filonov GS, Piatkevich KD, ..., Kim K, Verkhusha VV 3 2011/08/05
21804536A photoswitchable orange-to-far-red fluorescent protein, PSmOrange.Nat Methods, 2011 Jul 31; [Epub ahead of print]Subach OM, Patterson GH, ..., Condeelis JS, Verkhusha VV 0 2011/08/03
21423166Local, persistent activation of Rho GTPases during plasticity of single dendritic spines.Nature, 2011 Apr 7;472(7341);100-4, Murakoshi H, Wang H, Yasuda R 2 2011/06/07
21173800Reducing background fluorescence reveals adhesions in 3D matrices.Nat Cell Biol, 2011 Jan;13(1);3-5; author reply 5-7, Kubow KE, Horwitz AR 2 2011/02/08
21098095Transient activation of c-MYC expression is critical for efficient platelet generation from human induced pluripotent stem cells.J Exp Med, 2010 Dec 20;207(13);2817-30, Takayama N, Nishimura S, ..., Nakauchi H, Eto K 0 2011/01/29
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